Lahore Cathedral

he Cathedral Church of the Resurrection is a spectacular, monumental structure having distinctive features of Gothic architecture located on Mall Road, Lahore. In the nineteenth century, British rulers developed this road as the foremost city centre after they established their government in the area. Other important buildings situated on this road are High Court, General Post Office, Town Hall, Montgomery Hall, Punjab University, Atchison College, churches and cathedrals. Among various structures, the enormity of this Cathedral reflects its glory, in cosmic green meadows. The artistic style of Gothic architecture introduced by the British is truly represented in this monument. Every day, many Christians visit here to perform their sacramental obligations. In addition, the Cathedral includes its adjacent missionary school, known as Lahore Cathedral School. The structure seems to be intact; but, closer examination reveals the reality of major aspect in need of attention. The research was carried out by closely scrutinizing numerous fragments of the Cathedral through surveys and photography. The paper highlights the distinct character of the monument by assessing its architectural features in detail and concluding various measures needed to conserve the monument’s heritage.


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